About Jayne Freeman:

After the birth of my two daughters, I started my own public access show called Mamarama as a vehicle to teach about pregnancy, birth, and becoming a new parent. Five years later I became a Certified Childbirth Educator and have worked all over the tri-state area as a newborn care and breastfeeding instructor in addition to teaching childbirth education. I am also a postpartum doula working with new families during their transition into parenthood and lead several support groups for parents. In 2012 I was selected by MTV to teach a childbirth class on one of their highest-rated shows and for two years I worked in the 4 largest Jersey City high schools teaching pregnant teenagers about birth and parenting. In 2013, I was part of an initiative to help 22 New Jersey hospitals create support groups for parents as a means to identify and treat postpartum mood disorders. I have worked for numerous pediatric practices and taught in many settings; currently, I teach my classes in two different Jersey City locations. I continue to teach, write, and vlog about topics that inspire me in the field of women’s health and the perinatal experience, specifically maternal mental health. Links: Jersey City Times 

  • Created public access show "Mamarama" for Comcast Cable, Channel 51 (now on YouTube)
  • Taught pregnant teenagers in four largest Jersey City high schools 
  • Certified by CEA/MNY in 2012
  • Appeared on MTV teaching a prenatal class for the "Snooki & JWoww" show
  • Worked as a consultant for the Postpartum Mood Disorder Initiative of NJ 
  • Selected to write a regular parenting blog for Random House Kids website
  • Contributing journalist and blogger for The Jersey City Times
  • Successfully influenced PATH train to create better signage and pre-recorded announcements reminding passengers to give priority seating to pregnant riders
  • Consistently teach at City Births NYC, voted "Best in Manhattan" 5 years in a row
  • Provide several virtual support groups including a free group for women experiencing postpartum mood & anxiety disorders (with MindfulPower, LLC)
  • Created a free ongoing tutorial for parents who need support & education on formula usage
  • Created a “Grandparents Refresher” to help new grandparents learn what's changed in 30+ years
  • Volunteered at the York Street Project working with their single moms program
  • Regularly donate extra postpartum client hours to parents in need