Postpartum Doula Packages: Most new parents could use some non-judgmental reassurance when getting to know their new babies. This includes guidance with breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding, soothing, infant care, instilling good sleep habits, emotional support, and overall assistance transitioning into parenthood. My work is like an on-going class with an emphasis on understanding your baby, meeting her needs, and not losing yourself in the process. As your postpartum doula, I'm providing a continuity of care for your family in a way that is unique to the postpartum doula philosophy. If we think you need counseling support I will refer you to appropriate mental health care professionals in the area; if you're struggling with pelvic floor issues, I have the resources; need a lactation consultant, new moms support group, pediatric GI, babysitter, sleep consultant? I am your trusted starting point. Because of my previous work with the Postpartum Mood Disorder Initiative of NJ I am attuned to the red flags that may indicate a mood disorder (whether that's depression and/or anxiety.) Though I am not a therapist I am trained to recognize symptoms and refer you to the resources you may need. Sometimes just a simple adjustment in sleep & support can make all the difference. Studies show that when women are well-supported after giving birth they are less likely to experience a mood disorder.


Packages are flexible. You can have a combination of all IN-PERSON visits or in-person with some Zoom sessions, as needed, unlimited text support + our weekly virtual support groups with other parents. 

Pro Tip! Call your insurance and/or HSA or FSA provider before you deliver, so you have the time and energy to navigate your research and find out what resources are covered (postpartum doula, lactation, classes, etc.) 

The Mini Package 8 hours - $850 - With the Mini Package you have eight hours of in-person + Zoom time which can extend to 6 months of usage; unlimited texting & weekly virtual support groups do not cut into your 8 hours. Included in this package is my Babycare & Feeding preparation class. This is an excellent and reassuring way to help new parents navigate the first few critical months. If you've already given birth, class is not necessary and price will be reduced by $50.

Welcome Home Package 12 hours - $1,140 - Extended version of the Mini package designed to include more in-person visits; also includes babycare & feeding class. Unlimited texting is included along with virtual support groups which will not cut into your 12 hours.

The Micro Package 4 hours - $420 - For parents who need just a little bit of guidance for the first few months, until you feel more secure. Participation in the virtual support groups is included and encouraged. Another usage could be if you need help weaning, transitioning to formula, or help with sleep issues. This package includes unlimited texting, but not the babycare & feeding class.

NEW OPTION: Virtual Package 4 hours - $300 - I work with families in different parts of the country and even abroad. We use Zoom (and/or phone & text) to have regular check-ins on maternal mental health, baby's development, sleep, feeding, and all the transitions that are a part of life as new parents. This option also works great for 2nd or 3rd time parents who need a little guidance, but not necessarily someone to visit in person. 

New Moms Support Groups:  Support groups are a therapeutic way to connect with other moms and share your experiences (I facilitate or co-facilitate all groups) 

  • Mood Disorders, on pause for Summer 2024, co-facilitated with an LCSW from Mindful Power, LLC
  • New Moms, 1:00 pm, every Wednesday
  • Toddler Talk, 3:00 pm every Friday, paused till September

"This world needs more women uplifting each other, sharing stories and mama hacks. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that your support, professionalism and expertise truly make the first-time mom experience easier. I am so grateful!" - Liz, new mom, reflecting on the support groups.

$15 per session (except for "Moms with Mood Disorders" which is free) if you are not my client - email to register 

A few words about formula feeding & support:  Please note that my approach as a postpartum doula is to put the new mom as the top priority. Many women I've worked with have opted not to breastfeed (for several reasons) or were unable to breastfeed (also for several different reasons.) I will never push you to do anything outside of your comfort zone, and if you choose formula (either as supplementation or 100% food source) I will help you find the best product out there so that you feel positive about the choice you've made for your baby. After taking an in-depth online course with a pediatric nutritionist I can confidently sort through formula options for you to consider. Remember we are in a very strong breastfeeding culture, and though this can have a positive impact by encouraging new mothers it can also create a great deal of stress, guilt and despair when it's not going well. My goal is to support you and help you feel truly confident as a new mom no matter what your feeding choice happens to be. 

A la carte:  $125/hour (negotiable). If you only need sleep advice with a toddler or baby less than 12 months old, this can be a helpful option. Sometimes one session can give you the tools you might have been missing, which will result in better sleep for you and baby. Texting may be included depending on the circumstance. 

Consider asking a friend or relative to purchase a package for you - it's a wonderful gift.



What's the difference between a postpartum doula and a baby nurse?

Typically a baby nurse takes care of the baby and ONLY the baby, so she will not be assisting you with breastfeeding or tending to your needs as a new mother (you also have to feed her). A postpartum doula treats mom and baby as a unit with a flexible and individualized approach. A doula's job is to help ease both parents into their new roles with reassuring guidance and instruction each step of the way. The difference is probably best described by one of my clients: "I had a baby nurse and a postpartum doula. I was surprised at how the baby nurse never asked me if I needed lunch or really helped me make sense of new motherhood. Whereas my doula was happy to prep a meal, give me a foot massage, listen to all my fears and worries, and always taught me useful things about my newborn." -- JH, Jersey City, NJ 
When you purchase a package in advance you secure my time and I am able to give you priority during the first days home with your baby. With the "à la carte" choice I am unable to promise availability. Please email or call to discuss - I generally like to meet with my clients ahead of time if we haven't met already during a class.